Weather Whinge

I’m certain that I’m going to be the minority here but I hate hot weather!

It’s not even really that hot yet, we’ve got a few months for the temperature to really increase but I’m already feeling sweaty, overheated and annoyed!

What makes all of this weather infinitely worse is the prospect of daily public transport in which the bus drivers, who I can only think of as utter bastards, crank up the heat to 500°C and watch everyone on-board melt!

Now, I have to rely on public transport to get me to and from work and it’s not just one short bus journey, it’s two – two buses that take me cross county which is 15 miles away.

I do have a bike and I shall be using it to cut down my roasting time (once my brother gives me the bike lock key back), but it’s just even the thought of having to be on a bus in the midst of a heatwave is enough to make me want to cry!

Another thing that the hot weather does is remove people’s clothing, this is a typically British thing as soon as the sun comes out the tops come off – I’m no prude but walking around a supermarket or sitting in a restaurant whilst half-naked is just off-putting, it doesn’t make you look like the Adonis that you think you might me, you may have chiselled abs and pecs but you still look like a massive posing prat!

At a beach it’s fine, but at the local PoundLand or KFC?


I’m sure this won’t be the only weather related whingefest but I felt I needed to get things off of my chest, my clothed chest…

Here’s a vlog I made in the middle of summer last year – enjoy!

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  1. It’s lovely out! I’m a fat sweaty gay too but I’d rather be sweating than shivering on a cold, wet afternoon. 😛

    • But it’s easy to warm up, it’s a lot harder to cool down!!

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