I wanted to write a blog, I have no idea what to write about so I’m just going to type and let my brain flow through my hands and see what I come up with!

So it’s almost been a month since I killed off my old identity and I am so glad I did – I think for the last few years I had been wearing that identity as a noose around my neck, I wasn’t creating as much as I wanted to because I was so aware of my username – I mean who would take me seriously with a name like that?

Each day passes and which each day I start to find myself again – I know this might all sound like a load of crap to anyone else but it truly was a boon having to carry that username!

Hey don’t get me wrong, when I first started out in the online world, the name worked, I was a young twink boi (sic) who wanted to get noticed and I achieved that, more than I ever expected – I made an impact, I left a legacy (or maybe I didn’t and this is just an illusion of grandeur).

The re-brand had been sitting inside my head for quite a while, at least over a year or so and then one night I decided that it was time to do it, I started building this very website and started change usernames (when possible) on most of the social networks I use regularly, it was scary because in my head I was thinking to myself that I was throwing away everything I had worked hard to gain on iTunes and YouTube, etc but change is good and I wasn’t going to stop now!

The final part of the re-brand was officially changing my twitter handle and ending my old YouTube channel, to date over a quarter of the amount of subscribers I gained through my old channel have subscribed to my new one and this makes me happy!

Since “killing” my old identity I have created more podcasts than I did in 6 months, I blog regularly, I’ve just rekindled my love of creating music, I have started my own collaboration channel on YouTube (TheBigGayCollab) and I’m working to make my new brand stronger than my old one, for those that don’t know, my full name is Toby Dylan [TDYLN] – makes a bit more sense now I explain it – it’s short and simple, just like me….no, hang on I’m tall…and simple…..hmmmm.

I don’t know if you’ve got anything from this little blog, I hope so but I guess it’s more like a stream of thought, unfiltered and sent straight to page.

I have a few future blogs planned, I want to tell you stuff about myself that you might not know – I’ve always been an open and accessible person and will remain this way forever!!

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