Yesterday was a good day.

This is going to be a “what I did” type post, nothing exciting, unless I lie and make a version so unbelievable that you all think I live some crazy lifestyle!

So I was due to film my first scene in the new porn film I’m starring in soon called “DickZilla – Invasion of the Prostate!” but I decided that I wasn’t ready so I called off the shoot….

See, I could’ve turned this into some erotic fiction but alas…actually, I may do that one day just for the LOLZ!

This is what the day was actually like…

Recently Tom’s iPhone has been having troubles charging and was getting to the point where we weren’t too sure how long it was going to hold out for so a couple of days ago we booked to see someone at the Apple Store to see if they could help.

Before heading into town to get the phone looked at, we made our way to the gym to get our workouts done, cardio is a bitch when you’re not in the mood but I persevered through the pain and then did my free weights, core exercises and stretches and then we were done, the gym always tired me out and makes me sweat a lot, that is kind of the point, but the other side effect I’ve noticed is that after the initial tiredness subsides I’m left feeling incredibly horny, does that happen to anyone else? LOL

After the gym we headed home to shower, got changed and made our way into the city, a parcel I was waiting to get redelivered had been tried again when we were gym-bound and so I’ve now scheduled it for a pick-up from the Post Office near me on Friday, what have I ordered? (Guess!)

Once there we made our way to the Apple Store to make the appointment and surprisingly we were in and out within 5 minutes, turns out there was a lot of dust and flour clogging the power port (Tom is a brilliant cook/baker and he’s always creating things in the kitchen and now he has his very own food blog called The Cooking Petrolhead), the lovely guy cleaned it out and got it working and we were on our way!

We decided to hang out in town to avoid the rush hour traffic so we popped into TIGER followed by the market to stock up on some fruit and veg and then headed to Starbucks to get some festive drinks.

Afterwards we walked back to the car to unload our bags (NOT LIKE THAT!) and walked around the city for a while before deciding to pop into Bill’s for a slightly earlier than normal dinner.

The food was pretty decent, check out Tom’s review for his opinion on the place!

After dinner we popped to Sainsbury’s to get a few necessities and then headed home, spent the night chilling and catching up on TV.

So again, nothing exciting but thought I’d share the day!

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